Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Event 1 - Toni Dove Lecture

Two weeks ago, I went to the EDA room of Broad Art Center in UCLA for a lecture given by Toni Dove. Dove was regarded as a precursor in the field of interactive art. She was especially interested in  human computer interaction, also a hot topic in my field – Computer Science. Not surprisingly, she talked about the experience she cooperated with a software engineer in her studio in New York City. She introduced to us the process through which her artistic ideas were realized – designing, modeling, and iterating.

I was especially interested in two projects she demonstrated. She showed a scene with a dancer on the screen embracing a transparent ball. She was able to use gestures to control the motion of the dancer. She also showed us the mechanism – a gesture sampling and analysis software. It was a successful project about human interacting with computers via something not keyboard and mouse.

Artificial Changelings was the other project. A view was able to stand in front of a screen. Depending on the different zones s/he stood in, the image changed its topic. Different scenarios could also decode the motion and gestures in various ways. For example, in the "inside the character's head" mode, the viewer's gestures changed the character's facial expression.

These two projects are interesting to me because HCI is a hot topic in Computer Science. The very last revolution in HCI has made Apple, once struggling with their computer sales, rise again with their stunning iPhones. The innovative way of interaction – touching – at that time, has caught users' will of purchase immediately. Therefore, I believe the next revolution in human computer interaction will also unleash a dazzling new style of life.

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